Dev Tweets #1

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Collections of tweets that I find useful.

1. Julia Evans on performance reviews

on surviving performance reviews

— 🔎Julia Evans🔍 (@b0rk) August 22, 2018

2. Chris Wagner on using Xcode run script to notify us when running production environment

If you use Xcode Schemes to differentiate between connecting to Production and Staging environments this is a nice little reminder. I’ve often had brief panic attacks that I was testing in production.

— Chris Wagner (@cwagdev) August 21, 2018

3. Using Xcode breakpoint to detect retain cycle

Useful Xcode breakpoint. When you dismiss a controller and you don’t hear the pop sound (or see the log), you probably have a retain cycle.

— Cédric Luthi (@0xced) August 24, 2017

4. Debugging Go app with Delve

Debugging #golang applications using #delve

— Melvin Vivas (@donvito) August 20, 2018

5. On ways to reduce the time fixing bugs

We all write buggy code. But there are obvious things we can do to limit the amount of time we spend hunting down bugs:

1. Write less code.
2. Strictly separate concerns.
3. Simplify anything and everything that can be simplified.

— Henrik Joreteg (@HenrikJoreteg) August 20, 2018