zsh a Default Terminal Shell

I prefer zsh over bash as my everyday shell. Unfortunately zsh is not the default shell on macOS. To make it as a default shell for your machine, simply do the following: 1. Install zsh Make sure zsh is available on your system. If not, install it with brew. $~ brew install zsh $~ which zsh /usr/local/bin/zsh #output 2. Set zsh as default shell To set is as default shell, run the following in your terminal:

Diff So Fancy

I find it quite hard to make sense of the output from git diff. Let’s just say that it is somewhat off-putting. diff-so-fancy is an open source project to solve this problem and help make your diff much less uglier. Installation There are a lot of ways to install it but I prefer to install all my tools with Brew. So run the following in your terminal: $~ brew install diff-so-fancy Configuration To use diff-so-fancy, you have to set it up globally.